hoonding replied to your post: realtalk ive been drawing wings with v…

yeah your wings are pretty fukkin rad i really need to learn from you on this subject tbh because mine are schiesse

overly simplified method: draw red zigzag first


important structure reference for when you’re actually putting the feathers on:


i mostly cheat and just scribble so much you cant see me fucking up the actual feathers but yeah im lazy


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Anonymous said: Any tips on drawing mouths?



Oh gosh I will try

I do basic closed mouths like

altered pretty easily for parted lips

annnnnd teeth…

You can put as much or as little definition into your teeth as you like, but I go about halfway

And remember that it’s dark inside mouths, and that there’s a tongue in there. I’m terrible at tips, I’m sorry! Polararts has a much better tutorial haha.

Naw, teeth are helpful~ I forgot to mention how to do those. xD

EmoFuri Layer Tutorial


This is going to basically be a rehash of info that’s available in the manual, but hopefully this helps those who can’t translate the site. Most images are pulled directly from the oc creation manual, over here, which includes a very handy glossary of layers at the bottom. I can’t read Japanese in the slightest, so all of this is assembled with the help of Google Translate.

This guide will be an outline of all the available layers, and how to set them up in Photoshop, as well as import your .psd into EmoFuri.

Choose your template.

  • Decide how close you want the camera to be, and the angle. Templates are listed on the forum from easiest, to hardest.
  • Note that the .psd files included are completely customizable. You may alter the shapes and contents of the layers however you please.


( download )


( download )


( download )


( download )

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